H.S. POW Construction and Development Corporation offers an excellent and challenging working environment for qualified professionals and non-professionals. We make every effort to continually seek and develop new talents whilst providing them with enough scope for growth, reward and recognition.

At H.S. POW, you will be given the opportunity to challenge yourself to the limit and learn new set of skills. Expect that you will be surrounded by highly-skilled and motivated professionals.

This is the career that we offer you.

Cavite - Carmona
MEPFS Engineer (1) - Carmona, Cavite Project
Safety Officer (1) - Carmona, Cavite Project
Site Nurse/Project Nurse (1) - Carmona, Cavite Project

Cavite - Naic
Document Controller (1) - Naic, Cavite Project
Mason (10) - Naic, Cavite Project
Service Driver (1) - Naic, Cavite Project
Site Nurse/Project Nurse (1) - Naic, Cavite Project

Laguna - Cabuyao
HR Officer (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Site Engineer (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
MEPFS Engineer (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Surveyor Head (1) - Cabuayo, Laguna Project
CAD Operator (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Mason (10) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Plumber (1) - Cabuayo, Laguna Project
General Foreman (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Electrician (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Welder (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Painter (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Dry Wall/Ceiling Installer (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Carpenter (10) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Instrument Man (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
ELF Truck Boomtruck Driver (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Forward Boomtruck Driver (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Dumptruck Driver (2) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project
Backhoe Operator (1) - Cabuyao, Laguna Project

Manila - Bluementritt
Mason (5) - Bluementritt, Manila Project
Plumber (1) - Bleumentritt, Manila Project
Pipefitter (1) - Bluementritt, Manila Project

Quezon City - Cubao
Mason (8) - Murphy, Cubao Project

Quezon City - Head Office
Purchasing Assistant (2) - Head Office, Quezon City
Accounting Assistant (1) - Head Office, Quezon City
Quantity Surveyor (2) - Head Office, Quezon City
Business Development & Marketing Associate (1) - Head Office, Quezon City
Service Driver (1) - Head Office, Quezon City
ELF Truck Driver (1) - Head Office, Quezon City

If you believe that you have what it takes to become part of our team and family, please feel free to submit your CV and credentials at

Trust us that we will contact you very soon.
Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.