Wellworth Properties

H.S. POW Construction and Development Corporation, a PCAB licensed “AAA” General Contractor and General Engineering company has been in the construction business for more than 30 years and feels positive that it is high time to expand its business operations.

Its expertise and resources in building construction, long history of experience with development operations, supported by continual studies and planning piloted the company to venture into real estate development – Wellworth Properties and Development Corporation.

Wellworth Properties is a real estate development company dedicated to building quality, well-designed and affordable premium developments that people deserve. With honest commitment to quality, projects built with purpose, passion for excellence and a sincere approach to serving customers and partners better, we are driven by the purpose to design and build developments that matter.

We understand that authenticity and innovation are key to creating something special. We believe that proper planning leads to better quality and efficient project delivery. From inception to completion, Wellworth Properties is involved in every step of the development process. We use effective methods to design, build and complete projects efficiently - while ensuring high standards of quality.

Wellworth Properties.
Building Quality Developments You Deserve.
Building Places That Matter.